Cosmos Innovation Venture Fund

Running as a ESVCLP under the Australian Venture Capital Act, Cosmos Ventures Innovation Fund LP is a tax-efficient fund, providing high investment returns behind investing in new asset class of Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

We differ from traditional venture capital as our fund looks to help drive companies to the next level of growth in this new class of DeFi cryptocurrency businesses.
We work with founders and management on strategy execution and introducing you to board advisors/directors and other commercial investors and customers, adding value to your business.
The fund’s purpose is to back founders who are building remarkable DeFi cryptocurrency businesses and work with them to make it a reality.


Cosmos Innovation Venture Fund provides direct access to high quality deal flow of DeFi cryptocurrency opportunities which do not fit the mandates of traditional investment firms.
Cosmos Innovation Venture Fund provides a differentiated approach to venture capital

Exceptional investor tax advantages after tax law amendments were implemented in 2016

Investment Committee

As a registered ESVCLP, Cosmos Ventures Innovation Fund LP is governed by the terms set out by the General Partner, managed by an investment committee, which reviews and approves proposed investments. The investment committee further confirms the selection process has been satisfied and the investment criteria have been met, that any conflicts have been declared and that valuations are appropriate for the stage/progress of the start-up.





Josh Best