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CBTC FAQ- Everything you need to know

Interested in investing in the Cosmos-Purpose Bitcoin Access ETF? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions.

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Bitcoin Halving: What It Is and What You Need to Know

When Bitcoin halving occurs it is a major event, but what exactly is it? This is what you need to know about it.

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Beyond Bitcoin: Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

While Bitcoin is the largest digital currency with over 50% of the cryptocurrency market capitalisation, there are some other digital currencies worth checking out. Here are ten of the most popular cryptocurrencies with information about why and when they were created, their current market cap, and current volume.

No Pickaxes Needed: Bitcoin Mining Explained

Interested in the ins and outs of Bitcoin mining? Let’s take a look at its history, other important factors and whether Bitcoin mining is possible in 2022 for the average joe.

Crypto Predictions: 5 Opportunities and 5 Risks

It’s been a big month (and a big year) for us at Cosmos as we get ready for the launch of CBTC. Let’s take a look at 5 upcoming risks and opportunities we’re predicting for the near future.

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What is A Bitcoin ETF?

Not all investment vehicles are built equally. They each have their own advantages, disadvantaged and optimal use cases. But when it comes to gaining exposure to an asset like Bitcoin, it’s often best to use the simpler and more transparent structure.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin Wallets

We’re all used to a leather wallet or purse, holding our cards and cash – also known as the folding stuff, dosh, dough, moolah; whatever your preferred term is for legal tender.

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How to spot a crypto scam

Crypto has hit the mainstream in Australia. You’re hearing about it in the office, down the pub, and it’s flooding your social feed.

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The future of the NFT ecosystem

The rise of cryptocurrency has certainly contributed some interesting terms to the investment world’s lexicon, and perhaps no term exemplifies this more than “non-fungible tokens” or NFTs.