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A wholesale fund for Institutional, Family Office, and Sophisticated Investors, the Bitcoin Wholesale Access Fund offers access to digital assets with none of the complexity

Store of Value

Many consider digital assets as a store of value, which means as with gold, commodities and indexed ETFs the value is driven by the market. As a purely digital asset, Bitcoin has a fixed supply of 21 million coins. This supply can never be increased, which ensures they are an asset with a finite supply. Many other digital assets have a similar structure, with in-built limitations creating scarcity that favours investors. With a near-perpetual lifespan and ever-increasing demand, digital assets offer an exceptional store of value.

Trusted Service Providers

We manage digital assets via the Australian Independent Reserve exchange, which are then stored in segregated digital wallets overseen by Independent Reserve.

Robust Security and Storage

The digital assets the Fund invests in are stored and safeguarded by Independent Reserve, a leader and most trusted Australian digital currency exchange. Independent Reserve protects the Fund’s investments using multi-layer encryption technology and offline hardware wallet storage facilities. It also uses physical, digital, and biometric security protocols to safeguard the assets in the Wholesale Fund.

Clear Ownership and Tax Statements

We provide unitholders with clear and concise statements that provide complete clarity on what units you hold. You also receive annual tax statements, enabling you to account for your investment taxes. You will not need to implement any new systems or learn how to use additional tools to account for your digital asset investment. You receive clear ownership of your asset and all the documentation you need to stay tax compliant.

Backed by Bitcoin

When you invest in the Bitcoin Wholesale Access Fund, you invest in a tangible fund. The wholesale fund owns Bitcoin. As such, your returns reflect Bitcoin price movements. As a finite asset, Bitcoin offers stability and scarcity, resulting in continued and increasing demand that typically results in strong returns on your investment.

Key features

Investment objective

To provide an investment return (before taking into account fees, costs and taxes) that approximately tracks the performance of the price of Bitcoin, a type of Digital Currency.

Fund Component

The fund will comprise units in the Wholesale Fund, reflecting the underlying investment in Bitcoin

Fund Weighting

Underlying exposures:
80-100% Bitcoin
0-20% Cash


Weekly or on any additional significant investments into the fund.

Digital Asset Reference Rate

Bitcoin Access AUD Reference Rate


Product Name: Bitcoin Wholesale Access Fund – Class C
ISIN: AU60CSM51177

Fund Profile

Auditor & Assurance

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Defender Asset Management Pty Ltd

Investment Manager

Cosmos Asset Management Pty Ltd

Fund Administrator

Bacchus Associates




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The Bitcoin Wholesale Access Fund (Wholesale Fund) (ABN: 45 891 385 771) is an unregistered managed investment scheme, which invests in, trades and owns Bitcoin. The Wholesale Fund is currently open to Eligible Investors. If you wish to apply for units in the Wholesale Fund, visit the Start Investing page